We believe everyone deserves the right tools to live their healthiest lives without cutting corners on quality.


Meet Patrick Hutchinson, the co-founder and face of pHKind. He's all about championing health, fitness, and wellness. His incredible work advocating for equality, health, and education makes him a role model for all.


Our first collection of clean supplements is a powerful mix of vitamins, minerals, and botanicals. We're pHKind, a wellness brand dedicated to providing top-quality, high-strength nutritional supplements.


Did you know that 72% of adults from black ethnic groups are overweight or living with obesity, the highest percentage of any ethnic group? And that South Asians have a diabetes risk 6 times higher than whites, with Black groups at 3 times higher risk than the white population? There's a clear need for change.


Think about this: 400,000 people of South Asian ethnicity in the UK have diabetes - that's one-fifth of the UK's diabetes population! And only 63.1% of people in England are getting the recommended 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week.


Not to mention, 1 in 4 black men have a risk of being diagnosed with prostate cancer, compared to 1 in 8 white men.


In 2022, a staggering 800,000 hospital admissions in England and Wales were linked to poor nutrition.


Even our soil isn't as nutritious as it once was. Iron levels, for example, are about 37% lower than they were in 1975.


With the modern lifestyle getting more and more stressful, the popular supplement brands on the market just don't contain enough of the key ingredients to make a real difference.


At pHKind, we're here to shake things up and offer what's needed. Our supplements aren't just high-quality, they're designed to be potent and impactful. It's time for a change, don't you think?