What Is The Immune System?

We all know (or should do) about the importance of maintaining a healthy immune system, especially during the colder months. As we go into autumn and winter, it’s the time of the year when immunity comes into the spotlight, as we are exposed to more respiratory infections and tend spend more time indoors. This is the perfect mix of conditions for infections to thrive.

Since the pandemic, immune health has been at the forefront of our thoughts more than ever before. A question that many people have is:  what exactly is the immune system and how does it work (without the medical jargon)?

The science bit

The immune system is a network of cells, organs, and tissues present throughout the body with the sole aim of protecting the body from viruses, bacteria, parasites and other pathogens, whilst allowing the body to take in nourishment and essential nutrients for growth and development. The main sites of attack by these invaders are the lungs (from the respiratory system), skin and the digestive system.

Our natural immunity becomes stronger when we are exposed to different pathogens. This is because the immune system produces immune cells in response to attack pathogens. The immune cells actually remember these invader cells and provide protection from for future exposure.

The immune response

In order to provide protection to the body, the immune system needs to be able to distinguish unhealthy cells from healthy cells. This amazing system is generally able to detect invaders and kick start the immune response.

The human body produces immune cells from various locations, which circulate through a network called the lymphatic system. This network carries lymph fluid (immune cells) in a similar way in which blood vessels carry blood around the body. Immune cells are also referred to as white blood cells (e.g., phagocytes: neutrophils, macrophages, monocytes, lymphocytes: B-cells, T-cells).

White blood cells are mostly produced in the bone marrow, and are stored in different places around the body, the thymus gland, the spleen, the bone marrow, lymph nodes, the appendix, tonsils and adenoids.

Protecting the immune system

As amazing as the immune system is, it can sometimes become overburdened from attack by various invaders. It is essential that we support our immune systems to provide an extra layer of protection, and not to over work this vital network of cells.

The immune system sometimes needs extra support, particularly...

💊 during autumn and winter, when we are exposed to more bugs and viruses,

💊 when we are recovering from a bout of illness

💊 when we are under extra levels of stress

Immunity and Stress

Whilst our immunity can be affected by external factors, our mental and emotional states can also affect immunity.

Persistent stress can lead to elevated levels of free radicals that can cause or worsen inflammatory conditions. The addition of antioxidant foods and nutritional supplements can help to reduce the impact of free radicals and help keep the body in a healthy balance.

How to strengthen our immune system

A great way to strengthen the immune system is to take eat plenty of seasonal vegetables and fruits, complemented with a health supplement that contains enough vitamin C, D, and zinc.

In a ideal world we would get enough nutrients from our diet, but as hard as we may try, none of us have the perfect diet. Modern living makes it difficult for most of us to eat well all the time whilst juggling work, with kids, travel and life stress.

On top of this the quality of the soil has diminished over the past few decades, and now does not provide us with the same level of nutrients that were available 40-50 years ago. Possible reasons behind this are modern farming methods, quality and integrity of the soil, use of pesticides and an over consumption of animal food products. Stress and modern living are another reason behind a lack of nutrient absorption.

pHKind Immunity & Energy

pHKind's Immunity & Energy supplement provides a synergistic blend of ingredients to support the immune system and provide optimum energy levels throughout the day.

Each capsule contains

💜 A high dosage of Vitamin D - 2000IU!

💜 75mcg of vitamin K2 - to increase the effectiveness of the Vitamin D absorption

💜 Vitamin C

💜 B vitamins

💜 Black Elderberry

💜 Co-enzyme Q10 to boost energy levels and supports the immune system.

💜 Zinc, Selenium and Copper help to support a healthy immune system and provide protection to cells from oxidative stress.

Gut Health & Immunity... The Lowdown

Another way to support and strengthen our immune system is by maintaining a healthy gut microbiome.

As the digestive system is one of the areas that can come under attack from harmful invaders such as bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. A great way to support the digestive system is to complement a diet rich in fibre and pre-biotic vegetables with a gut health supplement that combines prebiotics, probiotics and fibre.

pHKind Gut Health contains a mix of friendly bacteria strains, prebiotics and fibre to support can improve intestinal permeability, which encourages food particles to be fully digested, leading to improved absorption of immune strengthening nutrient. 


pHKind Immunity & EnergypHKind Gut Health


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