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pHKind’s range of supplements was formulated to provide optimum doses of the most absorbable and scientifically studied ingredients. The individual supplements have been crafted using specific and synergistic combinations of nutrients to maximise their benefit.

Unfortunately, a healthy diet will not provide you with the same level of nutrients that were available 40-50 years ago. Possible reasons behind this are

➡️ Modern farming methods

➡️ Quality and integrity of the soil

➡️ Use of pesticides

➡️ An over consumption of animal food products

➡️ Stress and modern living can also result in a lack of nutrient absorption.

This is why we feel that supplementing with high quality supplements is vital in maintaining and achieving optimum health.

The pHKind supplement range is packed full of active ingredients and do not contain any fillers, binders, or any artificial and unnecessary ingredients. All the products are made in the UK at facilities that are SALSA accredited and FDA approved.


 pHKind Recovery Supplement

pHKind Recovery Caps 60’s (Vegan)

This product has been crafted to provide nourishment after intense training or sports. As important as regular exercise is, it is equally important to have optimum level of nutrients to support the body with recovery and to help prepare you for the next training session.


This is aimed for exercise goers of all ages and abilities, as recovery is required by all, from aiding joint pains & stiffness to helping to reduce DOMs (delayed onset muscle soreness).


As with the other products, we wanted to create a blend of scientifically proven ingredients, which have both been traditionally used and more modern nutrients. We have opted for food based nutrients to aide absorption (e.g. vitamin C is from acerola cherry). We have also combined specific ingredients to optimise their benefit (e.g Beetroot and L-arginine, vitamin C and iron, turmeric and black pepper).


pHKind Immunity + Energy Supplement

pHKind Immunity + Energy Caps 30’s (Vegan)

We wanted to create a supplement that can help maintain good immunity and give an energy boost to help you make the best out of every day. We wanted to craft a product that packed in as much goodness as possible which as many great ingredients, which are essential for optimum health.

I wanted to include ingredients to support heart health (beetroot, vitamin K2, co-enzyme Q10) as this is a major health concern in BAME communities. Cardiovascular health is especially important to us, as we have family and friends with long standing heart conditions or have suffered with cardiovascular emergencies.

Vitamin D is also a key nutrient, as the BAME communities are generally deficient in this vitamin… we require a lot more sun exposure to get enough vitamin D!
Vitamin K2 is a hugely important nutrient and one that we needed to include in this supplement. This key nutrient is important for maintaining bone health and also helps the body to absorb vitamin D.

We have also combined specific ingredients to optimise their benefit (e.g vitamins D and K2, selenium and zinc, vitamin C and iron, black elderberry and vitamin C, B vitamins and coenzyme Q10).


 pHKind Omega 3 Supplement

pHKind Omega 3 Caps 30’s

We wanted to include an optimum quality Omega 3 supplement, to highlight it’s many benefits, as well as move away from the trauma most people of our generation faced when we were force-fed cod liver oil before being sent off for school!

The benefits of Omega 3 (mainly EPA and DHA) range from supporting cognitive function, vision, heart health, joint health and mind health. Healthy eating is at the core of both physical and mind health, and we feel that this supplement helps provide essential nutrients, that most people do not consume enough from foods. 
The western diet is generally higher in omega 6 (normally found in vegetable oils) than omega 3. Whilst both are important, we need to consume more Omega 3, as this is generally lacking (unlike in the Mediterranean diet).


pHKind Mind Health Supplement

pHKind Mind Health Caps 30’s (Vegan)

This product was created to provide mind health support, as more people are struggling with maintaining a healthy mental and emotional health. This is an issue that we are seeing in more people.

We recognise the importance of providing a supplement which is packed full of nutrients in optimum doses, to not only support mental health, but help to maximise cognitive function and improve mental performance.

Ashwagandha and Sage are great additions to help us keep calm, which in turn results in better decision making. Short bursts of stress can be helpful, by keeping us on our toes, but prolonged periods of stress can lead to conditions such as hypertension and anxiety. We have included specific nutrients to help maintain a healthy stress response. 


pHKind Male Health Supplement

PHKind (Male Health) Caps 60’s (Vegetarian)

This product is very close to home, as many men from our community are unfortunately suffering with prostate issues, ranging from mild nocturia to prostate cancer. We wanted to create a nutritional supplement that can help to minimise some of the symptoms of benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH). The ingredients in this product can also help younger men, who want to support their reproductive systems’. We have created a product that offers more overall health benefits… immunity, energy, and antioxidants.

A key part of the messaging behind this product is to encourage men to go and get tested for prostate cancer as early as possible to maximise the chance of recovery. The prostate naturally grows as men age and we strongly recommend men who have any symptoms or changes urine frequency, or a family history of prostate cancer to get tested. 


Like all the products, we have used synergistic blends of ingredients and merged traditionally used botanicals with vitamins and minerals. The key ingredients have been backed up by clinical research.


pHKind Gut Health Supplement

pHKind Gut Health Caps 60’s (Vegan)

A healthy gut microbiome has been linked to improved performance and recovery from fatigue and overtraining. There is now a clear link between a healthy gut and overall positive heath ranging from a healthy immune system to improved cognitive function.

Consumption of friendly bacteria strains can improve intestinal permeability, which encourages food particles to be fully digested, leading to improved absorption of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids. A healthy gut is essential for breaking down food into nutrients that the body can absorb.


Gut health is compromised every day through exposure to pollution, alcohol, diet (even if you are eating plenty of fruits and vegetables). The soil does not provide as much nourishment as it did 50 years ago due to modern farming methods, quality and integrity of the soil and use of pesticides.


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Photography by Trevor Edward.


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